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Editing a video is highly involved with the knowledge of using updated applications and techniques to set and adjust the motion of pictures in sequence to the story line. From the basic foundation of video editing to the level of expertise is taught by the industry specialists at IFMA in the course of diploma in video editing. As a part of post-production, students receive opportunities to learn the core skills that are set to the standards of ever-changing screen industries.

In this course students are enabled to serve the director’s vision in various domains of frame composition, story, cinematography, sound and design. In association of the leading editors in the industry, we have been able to provide the possibilities of real time experiments as a part of the course. To ensure the solid foundation and expertise in video editing, the course is comprised of modern theories of Adobe premiere, AGI instructions. It also covers the concepts of workspace, effects, transitions, filters, audio edit and work exporting.

Improve your skills in video editing to the advance levels and take advantage of discovering tools to bring out your creative potentials by attending the course diploma in video editing at IFMA Hyderabad. Join the course to become an eminent professional in video editing.