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The sound of music and length of its waves are set to be heard accompanied to the visualization of cinematography is an immersive talent of a sound engineer. We have become the most sought-after professionals to the various teaching domains including diploma in sound engineering. At IFMA, each student is avail of in-house production equipment and enabled to practice through real time sound tracks. Sound engineer is able to define the music into various dimensions to create the wave of music in compliance to the movie situations.

We believe in practical skills play vital role in all streams, so our experts at IFMA have more focus to provide real time exercises to our students. The blend of our learning approach simply ensures the mix of theory and practical in tandem where a student can experiment to bring out soundful inventions while mixing the audio tracks. In collaboration with well-known musicians, you are ablet to plan and create your own ideas while training.

Join at IFM If you want to start your career track as a professional sound engineer in the field of movies, short film and music albums. Kindly go through the course details to know more information about training program, course tenure and fee details.