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Script writing is the soul of stories to elevate the depth of concepts of different genres. If you are able to crate magic in your language and able to phrase the timing words, IFMA  – diploma in script writing course is the perfect choice to find your career.

Entire syllabus of the course is designed to provide a wide range of resources in script writing with tailor made guidance which develop your writing craft in the field of movies and television.  In addition to the seminars and lectures, word building, you also able to receive much more opportunities to work on broadcasting platforms. The screen writing course leads you through various aspects of film landscape like demonstrating unique style of storytelling.

As the leading professionals in the field of training script writers, we are able to provide the course crafted by industry experts to enable you to learn effectively with a pitch of incredible innovations as inputs. In presence of the experts, you are trained towards the contents of script writing like character development, dialogue writing, elements of a screenplay, scene development and dialogue, structure, conflict and analysis of the story.

If script writing is your passionate dream, then achieve the same by joining diploma course in script writing at IFMA Hyderabad. Contact us today to know more about our core training programs to enhance your skills.

Diploma in Screen writing COURSE DETAILS

MODULES INCLUDES Course Highlights
Techniques of Story and Screenwriting Guest lectures with industry professionals
Understanding and using 3 act structure and other structures Understanding copyright and other legal protocols for writers
Developing character How to narrate your story impact fully
Plotting Diploma will be awarded on successful completion of course
Structure, Scene and its functions
Step Outline
Dialogue Writing
The conventional Format and Screenwriting Software
Drafting a professional screenplay