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Diploma in film making a fabulous and intensive course is now offered at IFMA film education academy in Hyderabad – the hub of south Indian movies. It’s a course like a massive mission which enables and nurtures your skills from the idea of concept to distribution of the film involves story writing, concept development, screen writing, direction, cinematography, editing, camera, lighting, pre and post production. We prioritize your passion and if you are passionate in film making get your thoughts visualized by attending the course diploma in film making at IFMA.

We enable our students to start from making a short film on closing of every theory to ensure the knowledge and vigorous practice on every corner of film making. Every exercise is more sophisticated technically and provides much scope to induce your innovative creations. We provide equipment and freedom of learning style to take the students to the next level of their more complex ambitions.The academy offers the teaching methods base on real time issues fetching each craft skills to the students where they can make aesthetic decisions while participating with various productions.

This is the method of learn by doing offered at IFMA Hyderabad academy where a student can improve the ability of innovative creations in film making. Enroll with IFMA to start an everlasting journey in the field of film making.