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Capturing a motion picture using multiple techniques simultaneously in sync to the idea of director’s is the creditability of a cinematographer. Thus, the way our Professionals at IFMA are highly passionate and love to teach the most effective techniques of film making ensuring our work place is fully engrossed with incredible inventions & creativity.

At IFMA. We teach our member about the landscape of cinematography with a view of today’s emerging trends of the media. With our expertise teaching techniques, you can learn using of camera and lighting to make the videos as story tellers. The video might be of any concept of a movie, TV show and a short film. Professionals of cinematographers at IFMA are highly passionate in adopting and introducing innovative techniques setting the benchmarks in addition to the contemporary techniques.

Along with the regular practices, we also allow you to learn the core craft of cinematography by covering live events to focus more on still imaginary, on location shoot, VFX and Green screen shooting. Owing to the extended PR contacts, IFMA is connected with various notable productions houses and professional cinematographers in the medial filed. Thus, you are able to reinforce your skills by attending workshops in presence of highly experienced professionals.

If your talent should be enriched and enlightened through the media, just join the academy of IFMA which makes creates your destiny and marks your identity. Kindly go through the course details to know more information about training program, course tenure and fee details.

Diploma in Cinematography Syllabus

Syllabus of Cinematography as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Basics of Production
TV/Video as medium of Communication, Formats of Television Program, Basics of Production, Production Personnel: Roles and Responsibilities, Technical aspects of TV/VIDEO Production.
2 Basics of Camera &Light
Component of Video Camera, Working principles of a video camera, Types of camera-analogue and digital camera, studio cameras, ENG/EFP cameras and consumer camcorder, video tape recording format.

Camera functioning, Camera shots and angles, White Balance and Black Balance, Color temperature, Filter, Control track, SMPTE time code, Electronic characteristics-aspect ratio, resolution, gain, video noise.

Lighting: types of lighting, 3 point and 4 point lighting, directional and diffused light, color temperature of light, light sources- natural and artificial lights.

3 Basics of Audio
Camera microphone, characteristics, pickup pattern, sensitivity, usage of microphone, microphone placement, microphones mounting devices, audio cables and connectors, audio levels.
Sem. II
1 Advance Camera and its Operations
Basic Operation of camera, filters, single and 3 CCD camera signal, frame and field, scanning process, interlaced and progressive scanning, composite video signal, component video signal and SDI video. Luminance, chrominance, hue, saturation, colour video system-NTSC, PAL, SECAM

Lens, types, fish eye, wide, normal, telephoto, prime and zoom lens, focal length, angle of view, aperture, f-stops, shutter speed, relation between shutter speed and aperture, depth of field, selective focus, follow focus, rack focus, auto and manual focus, lens shades, Auto- focus –advantage, disadvantage, Iris, zoom lens-advantage and disadvantages.

Aesthetics of composition, importance and functions of composition, Rules of composition:  Subject, headroom, rule of thirds, contrast looking and walking space etc.

2 Function of Studio and Production Control Room
Function of studio camera, Connectivity of PCR, Vision Mixer, Audio Mixer, Studio Microphone VTR, Role PCR Personnel, Role of Producer, and Commands of Producers.

Lighting Approach for  Studio Lighting and Outdoor lighting, different types of lights

3 Practical Assignments
Shooting small continuity using single camera

News Story focusing on Gathering Visuals for News Reporting- PTC, Interview, cut away Studio Programme Production using Multi camera setup Short Documentary film / Short Film/ Add & Corporate Films