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If you are curious about performing drama on stages, exploring acting skills and connecting to your passionate roles, IFMA Hyderabad is the enriched corridor to nurture your talent and to drive in your passionate way in the competitive world of acting. Diploma in acting course is designed contemporarily to develop series of skill sets such as voice, movement, text analysis, dialogue diction and screen action techniques.

In the amidst of creative environment and in the presence of professional acting tutors, IFMA has been enhanced its core values getting the students expertise in the art of acting techniques. Each student is prioritized and get trained individually according to their ability of seeking professional techniques. In coordination with various production houses around the states, we have been able to provide unique theatres to rehearse and perform. Entire course is comprised of professional work ethic enabling you to learn and work at highest standards. From day one you will be introduced to the camera and professional actors to enhance the level of confidence and deliver the finest performance on screen.

Owing to the experts having the insights of real-life industry, the outcome of this course leads your acting career through various opportunities such as TV commercials, movies, short films, web series and serials. At the end of the course, you are offered to attend various auditions and screen tests where you can start the journey of acting on-screen. Join with IFMA – diploma in acting to unveil the opportunities in the world of cinema.